Intelligent design, means having a product for every application.

The Ingenuity Sun Media system is designed for ease of maintenance, and has been created so as to fit within existing parking lots (no additional snow removal headaches in colder climates for example.) Ingenuity Sun Media systems do not reinvent the wheel. All of our technology is leading-edge, proven, and warrantied. From our panels to our screens, you can be assured that the entire system is created using only the very best technologies available.

Spec sheets for download

65" ISM Screen

72" ISM Screen


Sun Media Tree

Our design approach allows for more flexibility in our system designs, while still providing an effective amount of energy. 

Our screens also come in a variety of sizes, and can be either LED or LCD. When you install any of our products, you can be assured that nothing but the best solar and digital display products are being used.

All of our products can be further enhanced to include additional features such as security cameras, EVC stations, LED lighting, and more.

SMT™ general specs

+ Approximate weight: 1,500 lbs.

+ PE stamped design. Wind rated to 140mph.

+ Multiple outdoor LCD Digital Media Screen sizes available

+ Housed in all-weather, tamper-proof cabinet.

+ Additional options: Electric vehicle charging station, security 

cameras, LED lighting, LED lighting display, and more.

+ Connectivity capability to exisiting internal digital platforms.

+ ISM Consumers Network™, and additional interactivity options.

+ Wayfinding capabilities.

+ Approximately 1.5 kW DC rated solar array.

+ American Made.