MeetBall and Ingenuity Sun Media announce partnership and digital marketing integration

DOYLESTOWN, PA - 06/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — MeetBall, LLC is proud to announce its partnership with Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM). This partnership allows MeetBall to expand upon its existing software and mobile engagement solutions with patent pending products from ISM that will help venue owners and event hosts generate additional revenue while simultaneously creating better visitor experiences through use of hyper-local digital content delivery and interaction.

We care deeply about the communities that form around live events, so we partnered with Sun Media to lead revolutionary change in the attendee experience
— Ryan Owen, CEO of Meetball

"We care deeply about the communities that form around live events," said Ryan Owen, CEO of MeetBall, “so we partnered with Sun Media to lead revolutionary change in the attendee experience. Engaging event-goers with highly interactive messaging has always been core to MeetBall’s mission. By combining our fan-friendly mobile experience with ISM’s innovative network, we will provide brands and property owners a true 360-degree digital footprint."

MeetBall will be the mobile front-end for ISM installations throughout the country, providing venues and event hosts with an intuitive app experience that provides attendees with valuable benefits such as access to real-time event information, easy on-site navigation, and timely promotions and sponsorship inclusion. The partnership will leverage beacon and GPS technologies to provide proximity-based marketing content, which allows for increased relevance of digital assets.

Ingenuity Sun Media and MeetBall believe in creating valuable digital experiences within the physical world by turning conventional high-traffic areas into interactive connection points between hosts and visitors. This creates new opportunities for advertisers that are location-aware and incredibly personalized, leading to much higher engagement compared to traditional passive advertisements.

“ISM’s partnership with MeetBall greatly enhances the ISM platform by providing an unparalleled fan engagement platform, that also delivers the wider ISM network with the tools it needs to deliver true mobile and out of home assets convergence,”
— Nelson Martinez, CEO of Ingenuity Sun Media

“ISM’s partnership with MeetBall greatly enhances the ISM platform by providing an unparalleled fan engagement platform, that also delivers the wider ISM network with the tools it needs to deliver true mobile and out of home assets convergence,” said Nelson Martinez, CEO of Ingenuity Sun Media, “we look forward to launching the ISM/MeetBall networks across a series of other sports leagues, retail properties, universities and urban centers.”

MeetBall and ISM’s partnership will launch this summer at the NASCAR-owned Iowa Speedway.  Upcoming project plans include additional venues throughout the country.

For more information about MeetBall please visit or Ingenuity Sun Media at Please reach out with any questions or inquiries. 


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Greensboro Science Center Press Release

Solar Media Trees take root at the Greensboro Science Center!

Greensboro, NC, September 1, 2015: Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) announces the first of its kind installation in North Carolina. Two of ISM’s Sun Media Trees are being planted at the Greensboro Science Center in Greensboro, NC. Sun Media Trees (SMT’s) are Solar Assisted fully interactive digital communication devices. These SMTs will provide ISM and The Greensboro Science Center the ability to Energize, Engage and Enrich the visitor experience on the property.

The Greensboro Science Center is excited to be home to our community’s first ISM Solar Media Trees. Not only will these trees help educate the public about solar technology and will also help promote many great businesses and products to hundreds of thousands of annual visitors. Special thanks to Melink and Duke Energy for making these trees a new educational and marketing venue at the GSC.
— Glenn Dobrogosz, Executive Director, Greensboro Science Center

ISM in collaboration with Melink Solar and Weaver Cooke Engineering will complete installation of two Sun Media Trees (SMTs) by the end of September. SMT’s provide real time promotional, educational, and commercial information. The screens have the ability to interact with visitors via their mobile devices so they can stay up to date with all of the current and upcoming events at the Science Center and in the surrounding area.

Melink is extremely proud to be a key contributor to this innovative project at the Greensboro Science Center.

Our passion for solar development and education in the marketplace are what make this opportunity so special. The ISM Sun Media Trees are an excellent example of how solar technology can deliver benefits far greater than the clean power they provide, also delivering educational, economic, safety, and civic benefits for decades to come.”

— Donna Jones, SVP & GM, Melink Solar
Weaver Cooke is excited to be involved in the first of its kind installation of Sun Media Trees in the State of North Carolina at the Greensboro Science Center. The opportunity to work with trusted partners such as Ingenuity Sun Media and Melink to develop these types of innovative projects is refreshing. We look forward to increasing public awareness about all of the benefits of solar technologies and how they are shaping our future here in North Carolina and beyond.
— Josh Ball, Director of Energy Solutions, Weaver Cooke

ISM’s, patent pending Sun Media Trees (SMTs) are the brain-child of Nelson Martinez, Founder and CEO of Ingenuity Sun Media. Nelson is a former Advertising Creative Director with a long and distinguished career built while working at some of the world’s largest ad agency networks. In the past five years he has worked with a group of talented designers, developers and engineers to develop ways for incorporating renewable energy practices and technology into a Digital Media Platform the likes of which have never been seen before. 

The result is the Sun Media Tree, a combination of Solar Energy, Outdoor rated LED/LCD Displays and 360 degree interactive communication platforms that engage visitors and enhance their experience at the locations. SMTs also supply a shade area from the Solar Canopy at the top, under mounted lighting for increased visibility in the evening and real time Civic Alert Messaging come standard on each SMT. Additional options such as security cameras to enhance safety to the area, electric vehicle charging stations, way-finding messaging and interactive educational/gaming programs can be added. These systems are custom designed to fit into each location and offer benefits to both patrons and property owners.

ISM is thrilled to bring this one-of-a-kind innovation to the Greensboro Science Center. Our passion at ISM has always been to enhance the visitor experience through unique interactive technologies that create long lasting relationships with the locations and its sponsors as well as to educate the public about the benefits of renewable energy and sustainability efforts.
— Nelson Martinez, Founder and CEO, Ingenuity Sun Media


Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) is based in Randolph, NJ with a satellite office in Charlotte, NC. ISM develops and installs custom Solar assisted digital communication systems to fit a wide range of properties. ISM is currently in various stages of development at a number of locations across the United States. These venues include Professional Sports Stadiums, Zoos, Entertainment Centers, Universities, Shopping Centers and Municipalities.    

To learn more about ISM and how it can enhance your property, contact 

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