ISM and the Melink Corporation- An innovation inspired partnership. 

Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) and Melink Corporation have come together so as to bring property owners and managers an extremely and unique offering: A fully networked and interactive, solar power-assisted, digital media platform that generates both revenue and power for our clients.  

The solar power-assisted digital communication platforms, which ISM/Melink offer, are in keeping with both companies’ track record of developing products which combine the very best in technology, with ground-breaking innovation and ideas. Both companies also share a commitment to developing earth-friendly products, and are pioneers in the renewable energy sector. 

Melink is a premier developer and integrator of scale-able solar PV systems. Due to their unique technical, financial and project management expertise, Melink is able to offer a wide variety of services that scale projects from 500kW to 10MW+.  

The ISM/Melink design team handles everything pertaining to a project: Location design, sponsorship and advertising sales, communication and content management, engineering, installation, permitting, procurement, maintenance contract and anything that needs to be done so as to deliver the very best system to our customers.  

Our goal is to make the entire process, from inception, to installation, and technical maintenance, 100% hassle and worry free. 

Whatever the property, an ISM / Melink system will always deliver: A consumer friendly communications platform that integrates with mobile platforms, thus giving property owners the ability to provide vital and helpful information to its visitors, expanded revenue streams, energy savings, positive public image and healthy, and market-leading returns. 

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ISM and Times Square Strategies (TSQS) joined forces in 2014 with the shared goal of delivering a full array of marketing and communications solutions for property owners. 

ISM’s structural relationship with TSQS further enhances what ISM can bring to its partners and clients. TSQS helps the real estate industry uncover new revenue streams & the media world unlock engaging, exciting and effective media placement. TSQS is a media solutions company for property owners and real estate developers alike. TSQS’ goal with every project is to develop unique uses of space to drive additional revenue.  

Together, ISM/TSQS will look at a property and discern whether any areas have the ability to support media revenue, (in addition to the parking lot and outdoor walkways). This approach ensures that ISM/TSQS is providing our clients with a 360 degree marketing and communications view of their properties. Leveraging every possible revenue, and consumer engagement point on their properties, and ensuring that the property has every chance to engage with its visitors. ISM/TSQS solutions will include a wide variety of marketing and communications assets-from digital screens to printed displays and integrated experiential efforts. 

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MVP Interactive has been creating innovative interactive experiences across PhiliconValley since 2012.

MVP started with two folically gifted guys doodling on a napkin at The Continental in Old City, Philadelphia. Idea born, they curated a team with over 30 years of combined digital signage & marketing expertise. MVP’s unique combination of sleek hardware and interactive content elevates how brands connect to consumers.

MVP Interactive strives to connect. Connect consumers to brands through ISM’s platforms. Connect new technology with streamlined user experience and proven consumer engagement practices. And connect marketers who partner with ISM to results that are measurable and actionable.

Together, MVP Interactive’, and ISM’s goal is to be more than an activation, our goal is to be an experience. Through innovative technology and product design MVP/ISM delivers exciting and shareable experiences. Our products, our experience, and our passion represent brand engagement that is truly game-changing.

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