1+1= 1 big idea, which revolutionizes how parking lots, garages and outdoor walkway areas at a variety of venues are utilized.

By bringing together the very best of two powerful, and extremely successful industries (Solar and Media) Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) has created the world’s first and most energy efficient, solar-power-assisted, digital, outdoor marketing and advertising network for malls, shopping centers, entertainment venues, stadiums and other consumer gathering public places. 

ISM’s patent-pending digital communication platforms are built on three key principal components: Innovation, Interactivity, Intelligence-i3


ISM’s mission.

Innovate ways that revolutionize how parking lots, garages & pedestrian outdoor areas are used, so that they do much more than just provide parking: 


Generate revenues

Ad revenue shares


Improve the visitor experience

Emergency messaging

Way-finding and other services

Generate power

Save energy

Powerful green platform

Create a total-property digital footprint

There are many reasons why parking lots are the bullseye we aim for at ISM, but the most important is that millions of America’s top consumer targets spend a lot of time there, and no one is currently talking to them the way ISM can!

Our patent-pending model allows brands, and property owners to not only speak to these consumers, but also to truly engage them with highly interactive messaging, and a digital communications platform that connects all other digital efforts a brand can put together; from mobile to e-commerce.

While there are a myriad of ways to reach people in their homes, cars or in the mall or stadium, parking lots and outdoor walkways offer no viable, interactive, engaging or far-reaching digital network option. 


ISM benefits


It all works because, Ingenuity Sun Media’s solar digital communications 

platforms provide powerful benefits for all of our partners:



    360 degree digital footprint

    Revenue generation

    Clearly visible green effort

    Continue the conversation with consumers beyond the property 

    Clean energy generation

    Additional green infrastructure options, such as electric vehicle 

    charging stations, and LED lighting



    Quick paybacks

    Extremely healthy returns

    Tax benefits




        Flexible ad formats






        Top DMAs 



Local community

        Emergency alerts: Weather, security, traffic etc.

        Public service announcements

        Advanced way-finding

        Green presence