Our patent-pending networks combine various digital assets (some with integrated solar-power generation capabilities, others without, but all connected to a system-wide solar array) to give ISM maximum flexibility on a number of fronts:

Multiple applications. Our products give ISM the flexibility to design systems which service all of the needs of a property, including providing such things as system-wide, security alerts, additional security cameras, connectivity to existing digital assets at the location, way-finding, even electric vehicle charging stations. 

Connectivity to mobile platforms. ISM’s platforms have been designed from day one to create “convergence” between our screens and visitors’ mobile devices, therefore improving the platform’s reach for advertisers and providing a network which greatly enhances a visitors’ experience. For example security alerts can be sent across all of the ISM screens on the property and give visitors the ability to receive those alerts on their mobile devices.

Powerful financial incentives. Ensuring we continue to deliver quick paybacks and healthy returns to our project investors, and revenues to the property owners where before they saw nothing but expenses.

Rich Product Variety- SMT variants, Education Stations, Solar Media Oasis.

ISM’s innovative networks are interactive and engagement powerhouses, because they are much more than just passive billboards. ISM Networks are designed to seamlessly integrate interactive digital out of home assets with mobile, web and social media.

ISM brings to the marketplace real capabilities in hyper-local, measurability/tracking, green marketing, proximity to venue, content delivery, speed of deployment, deep penetration, top markets, couponing, customization and sponsorship opportunities, flexibility of platform assets, large reach, and relevance. This all translates into TRUE CONVERGENCE.

Our networks are designed to motivate consumers at the point of purchase, and generate action from them. What that action is, is completely up to the advertiser or venue operator- be it driving fans to specific retail and event locations at a stadium, or driving sales through time sensitive offers.

Some of ISM’s interactivity capabilities:

   Social media stream

   Way-finding- with parking location app    


    Proximity marketing 

    Registry: NFC/RFID/QR etc.

    Second screen mobile game play / texting 

    Outside/Inside screen management and tie in

    Gesture content and game play

    Photos morphing 

    Augmented reality (photos)

    Emergency Alerts 

i3 intelligence

Intelligence, as we all know, comes from learning, and no other outdoor network has been designed to learn as much about the consumer than ISM’s. 

ISM and the ISM Consumers Network, deliver a wealth of metrics, such as audience measurement and display monitoring and proof of play reporting. ISM ensures that our advertisers always receive the actionable data, proof of play and hardware performance reporting that they demand from all of their media partners.

Intelligent design, means we have the right type of product 

for every application.


 SMT “Tall Boy”.

Designed to replace or  supplement, existing parking light poles with efficient LED lighting, solar panels (2-4) and an ISM screen.

SMT comes with a variety of screen sizes and solar panel array configurations (4-6).


Education Stations

are one or two sided, with or without touch-screen capabilities

All systems can be further enhanced 

to include additional features such as 

security cameras, EVC stations, LED 

lighting, and more.