Consumer Oasis, where Convenience meets Convergence.

The Consumer Oasis is another digital media, solar power-assisted innovation by ISM designers. The Consumer Oasis™ is designed to aggregate vending machines and parking lot payment equipment under one inviting, well lit, and efficient space.

With the Consumer Oasis, visitors to parking lots will have a one-stop destination and be able to do everything there, from paying for their parking, to getting cash from a cash machine, or buying windshield-wiper fluid for their cars. 

Like all of our products, the Consumer Oasis is designed to be integrated into a solar-power-assisted system, generating enough power to offset most or all of its electricity usage.

In addition to the Consumer Oasis solar assets, the structure is also capable of carrying our high visibility LCD displays, which have all of the capabilities of our SMTs and Education Stations-Including touch-screen capabilities.

The Consumer Oasis product is scheduled for a full release in spring of 2016.